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So your interested or mad about cycling and want to get more involved in the sport. Maybe you’ve seen the Olympics and Chris Hoy M.B.E or Vicky Pendleton caught your eye and thought…..the feeling of adrenaline rush they must have got actually racing for their country and being the ‘best’ was quite amazing, such thrills in world cycling we haven’t really seen until recent years, shows we have some of the best coaching in the world right now.

The good thing is cycling can be either a sport or a pastime; the choice is totally yours & doesn't need to cost the earth. Most riders start off enjoying it as a pastime, it’s not until later that they might get into racing. There is nothing better than cycling in the summer with the wind streaming through your hair…... if you have any that is, whether it's long open country roads or off roading away from traffic.

Being relatively cheap, you get to see many places, meet new friends and have a great sense of achievement when you do begin to get fitter; which is immeasurable. There are many disciplines to cycling, leisure disciplines are touring (CTC), youth hostelling, off road riding, BMX and commuting. While Road racing (BC) or WCRA, Mountain bike racing BC or NORBA, Time trialling (CTT) or (VTTA), Cyclo-Cross (BCCA) and BMX (BC) make up the most popular for racing. With Triathlons (BTA) and Biathlons as offshoots of the sport.

With adventure sports becoming more popular, pro cycling is not just about earning the big bucks, although the top pros don’t complain about the contracts they can earn, (thanks to Greg Lemond who was the first to capitalise with multi-million dollar earnings) it is a hard life, sometimes sitting in the saddle for over eight hours at over 25mph average! Sitting watching long tour stage can sometimes be time consuming, but single day stage races such as the Classic Paris-Roubaix are just full on 6 1/2 hours of action packed joy. So from complete novice the process could take at least three years, unless you are already a triathlete or become an Olympic. It is actually a way of life to these guys, Sean Kelly (multi green jersey winner) actually cried one year because he had to pull out of the tour (De France). Not the first rider and certainly won’t be the last. You too will probably build up a passion for the sport; you just might not know it yet!

Most riders started off joining a local cycling club (see club world), after actually enjoying general cycling or just as a way of getting fit. Or in my case knowing that you have accomplished over fifty miles in the morning with friends, seeing the countryside or just chilling out, coming home while the rest of the rat race are just getting up for their Sunday paper, on nothing more than your own pedal power.

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